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Trouble with friends

Guest Soph

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Guest Soph

Does anyone else have problems with their friends not understanding about how much you love ballet? they used to allways ask me if i wanted to go out but when i told them that i had to go to ballet they would get annoyed and make fun of me and ballet. Now if they are going out or having parties they dont even bother asking me if i want to go. Im like the reject of our group of friends and is allways being left out. This doesnt really bother me too much because i love ballet so much but i just want to know if everyone else is going through it too. love soph xxx

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Hello Soph, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :)


There is a currently active thread here called Sacrifice, and that discusses this very subject. Check it out! :D

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I know there is already a thread along these same lines, but I wanted to say something real quick. I think its our job as dancers to be proud of what we do. I think ballet is probably one of the most misunderstood things that exist. My friends made fun of me at first too, but I have made them respect me for what I do. None of the guys tease me 'cause they always say, "She's a dancer, she could kick us and we'd have a concussion!!!!". Just whatever you do don't be ashamed, you know you have to be tough as nails to dance and ballet is def. worth it!!!!

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Guest cpowers

Hey Soph--


i have the same problem sometimes. They dont understand how hard and demanding ballet is. It takes hours of work and training, but they think ballet is for 'sissy's'. Many of them think that it doesnt require anything, but in reality we are working just as hard or harder as they would if they wanted to make the basketball or track team. So dont forget that you have friends at ballet who share the same passion as you do. You can always hang out with them, since they do understand.



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Guest Soph

Hiya, im glad that im not the onlyone that feels like that! thanks. I have now started hanging out with my friends from dancing and they have become my new social life like chatting in between classes while stretching and stuff!

love soph xxx

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Guest dancergal

My old friends know how much ballet means to me, but last year, when new people came into my school and I became friends with other people too, they didn't seem to understand why I spent so many hours a week dancing and could never hang out with them outside of school. I've tried to explain to them how important ballet is to my life and everything, but they just start laughing when I start to say things like that. Hopefully they'll eventually coem to understand how proud I am of dancing and that I'm willing to give up things like a social life out of school to become a dancer.

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Guest Rosefire

Hi Sophie! Its me-i told you i would post!

(To everybody else- I am very sorry, but me and Soph know each other outside of this forum-in fact-it was me who pointed her here in the first place!)

Well, we have these conversations all the time, but it never changes anything. For me, all my friends at dancing are my real friends, those are the ones who understand me and I feel most comfortable with. Really, the way i try to look at it is that the school period of my life will soon be over, and I can look forward to the rest of my life after it, where I can meet loads of dancers (who I think are much more interesting people anyway!)

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