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OK, so recently I've been grousing about this and that, but I just really wanted to post this so you don't all think I haven't had any good classes since I moved to London!;)


I had an absolutely excellent class today! I'm so happy and enthused! Hooray!


Everything just seemed to work well. Not that I did everything perfectly, but I did get better on each 'shot' at combinations. I only looked at the clock once, and there was only 5 minutes left of the 1hr 45 class! I can't remember the last time that happened!


I'm so happy! I can't wait til Thursday!



Thanks for listening... I just had to share.;)

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Guest fastfeets

Congrats!!! Don't you just love those classes where you're so "on" and everything goes right....very happy for you!! :D


There should be a day like that at least once a week, instead of weeks of dismal stumbling, in my opinion. ;)

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Hi Kate


that is great news, i am glad you are feeling better now. I guess we all have off days and on days.

But its good to hear :D


Hopefully we'll try and meet up someday soon...

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Xena, I would like that!


How are you settling in? Have you found a class you like?

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