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Guest Medora

Is it right that when partnering and doing things such as promenades in penche that one should "push over" to stay on the shoe? Does partnering weaken the shank of the shoe. After all this partnering I am finding that I am having trouble standing on my leg in pointe shoes upright. If I get all the way over on my leg I am going over too far on pointe. Did partnering do this to my shoes, or could it be me? I find that the more I try to pull up out of my shoes to stop my shank from weakening, the more my feet arch, which causes me to go too far over, once again. Maybe I am not pulling up out of them right? What can I do to fix this phenomenon?

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Not a phenomenon, Medora. It takes a lot of strength to stay up out of the shoes and not break shanks. Pas de deux should not be any harder on the shoes than anything else.

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