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Guest Medora

Is it appropriate for a girl to give her partner flowers for his performance? Let's say they go to different schools so she is not in his performance, but he is dancing with her in hers and has really done a lot for her and been really good to her. Is it out of line? I am stating this as a hypothetical question, although it really was my situation. I'll say what I did after I know if it was an okay thing to do or not.

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If you're presented with flowers onstage, the traditional gesture is to skillfully pull one from the bouquet and present it to your partner. Offstage, you can give him a laurel wreath, or whatever suits you. A gentleman may be presented with a laurel wreath onstage, but it's simply held over his head, not draped onto his brow. Then it is presented to him in the hands. You don't see that done much, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

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I think it would be quite fine, Medora :)

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Guest Medora

Well at least I know it was the right thing to do, because I did get him some flowers. But my Mom gave me a ton of grief about it. She though it was a gesture of chasing after my partner, who she doesn't want me around just because he is a ballet dancer, which I know is totally silly because he's a great guy but she can't understand. But he liked them, so all is good I guess. :)

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