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My Hubby, my Hubby

Guest petiteanise

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Guest petiteanise

(for those of you who know about my hubby who has missed his calling)


I've asked him to explain why he doesn't want to dance and I beleive him when he tells me its not a masculine-macho man thing, he wants me to have my own "light" we're both poets, artisit (painting and sculpting mostly), we both graduated from JJ HS in the top ten percent of our class, but he plays guitar and I don't. He feels that I should have something that I do that is my own...which sounds semi-dumb reason but also sounds very sincere...on the bright side he agreed to take TAP lessons So I figure from there I can work him up to Ballet class.. What do you guys think?

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It's not the usual thing, here, petiteanise, but I'm going to leave this, to see if there are any responses from the men, but only the men. This forum is pretty much reserved to them only, but this is an unusual situation, so let's see if anything comes of it.

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Guest petiteanise

Mr. Johnson,

I know it isn't the usual thing in here but I was hoping they would offer encouragement to my husband to begin ballet (have you reaad the other post?) and wanted to let the gentlemen know what the outcome of the dilemma was. I won't make it a habit of posting thins in this area...forgive me

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Guys, this is a real challenge. Can we come up with some good convincing argument for convincing petitanise's husband to start ballet? Tap is a nice start, just to get loosened up and moving, but he seems to be a natural turner, and you don't get a lot of double tours in tap!

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This is a challenge! Obviously the guy has some kind of hidden talent, but that makes it even harder to prescribe for him.


Normally you can talk about the "joy of movement" and how ballet will lead to increased flexibility that will help him in sports and other activities. Sometimes you can hook guys with the idea that he'll be one of the few guys in class surrounded by svelte women in leotards. But he's already found a woman to settle down with, and it doesn't sound like limited flexibility is his problem.


That only leaves the appeal that he has a gift and that it would be a shame to not nuture it.

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Petiteanise - I think the question here is how much do you feel the need for your own 'light'? How would you feel if you got your husband into ballet and he then went on to outshine you, as it sounds like he may?


If this would affect the balance of your relationship at all, then I'd say that you should accept your husband's position on the matter. But by the fact that you want him to join you in class, it seems like his respect for your personal light is misguided, however noble!


So it's now up to you - I think - to convince your husband that your wish for him to join you in class is stronger than the need for your own light. If this doesn't work, then I think you probably have to accept that ballet class is a place that your husband just doesn't want to go to.


Good luck!

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Sigh.... Why do you want him to study ballet? I would not try to cajole or convince or coerce him into the studio. If he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't want to do it. And you nagging him will just hurt the relationship. Just because he has talent for ballet doesn't mean a thing; most people have talent for zillions of things, most of which they do not pursue.

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Guest Manhattnik

Honestly, petiteanise, the first thing is to ask yourself why do you want your husband to study ballet? I can tell nothing from your posts as to why you would wish this. Do you want him to take class with you? Do you care if he's someplace else altogether?


I think every poster here has a list of reasons why he or she loves taking ballet class. Not the least for me is the scenery is much more pleasant than at the typical gym. Could this, or any other reason, be appropriate for your husband? Only you can tell.


However, I agree with citibob. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't want to.

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