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Jaana Heino

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I've known for some time, but have been (and still is) a bit shy of bragging... but here goes.


I'm going to Intermediate 1 -level classes next term! It is the third level in my school and also means beginning pointe for most (including me). I'll begin on the new level either during summer or in August/September, depending on schedule stuff not totally clear yet (until that, I'll keep on taking Beginner 2 classes, so there won't be a break from classes before the Big Step Up).


There's a bunch of us moving on who take the same classes. Some of my dance friends have bought their first pointe shoes already, but I haven't yet. I'm both excited and very, very nervous. :)

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Thats fantastic Jaana, I bet you just can't wait and are totally excited!

Its good that there is a group of you all moving up toigether, it makes it nicer somehow. Maybe you could ask one of them to join you for getting your pointe shoes if you are unsure of going on your own.


Goodluck anyway..:)

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Congratulations, Jaana, even though I never had any doubt about wheter you would get to go a level up. :)




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That's great, Jaana - congratulations! Good luck with Intermediate :)

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Thank you, everyone! Part of the praise goes to this group - in times of frustration the support from this board has been invaluable. :)

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