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I screwed up my first important dance, what my teachers are gonna thin

Guest Giselle83

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Guest Giselle83

hello! I have just a short question! I really screwed up in my first solo ever! I mean in the easiest movement, I simply lost my balance and ended up taking balance from floor with my hands (mean while my supporting leg turned in, and alot, and back to out again) and later in tour de promenade my attitude was so turned in and my behind ankle was loose, it was SO hard to move on after the bad mistake in the beginning...I simply lost my brain somewhere! I was wondering...what teachers usually think about this kind of things? I know you're individuals but...I'm so afraid that I won't ever dance a solo again cause they think I can't handle my nerves under the pressure! :-( which I hardly could... I'm just so incredibly disappointed in myself. Thanks for any comments!

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Giselle, while this does not sound good, don't forget that one bad moment does not necessarily wreck a whole performance. If the rest of the solo was good, and if you have shown yourself to be a reliable performer in the past, then I think they will understand that the nerves took over this time. Was there only one performance, or do you have an opportunity to do it again? Was it consistently good in rehearsal? If so, then I don't think one bad moment is going to hurt that much. If it was not consistently good in rehearsal, then the teacher's were not doing their job in terms of either adjusting the choreography for you, or giving you something that was more suited to your current abilities. This kind of thing is always very hard to get through, but you will, and it's over, and you move on. Hopefully it will not happen again!

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Guest grace
I was wondering...what teachers usually think about this kind of things? I know you're individuals but...
you're right there: and so are the dancers (or students). most likely the teacher will be very disappointed, if s/he had seen you do things much better in rehearsal, and was hoping or expecting to see you do so much better onstage. disappointed, rather than angry, is what i would be - but not placing blame. however, everyone's different in how they react to stress - and a less-than-ideal performance by their student/s is a stress for the teacher, as well! i think it highly unlikley that you would be 'punished' for such things. in fact, if i were the teacher, i *might* be thinking you needed MORE such opportunities... - to get over it! ;)


keep smiling. :)

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Guest Giselle83

Thanks...yes, it went REALLY well like in 5 last reherseals, that's why I really couldn't believe this had happened. However thanks for being honest! I just don't know how to face my teacher again...I can't make any excuses and I think she won't actually say anything to me either, only comment about the dances that went well.

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