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hip cracking?

Guest bunhead0614

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Guest bunhead0614

hey all....I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but if I'm doing a stretch for example...I'm laying on my back and pull my leg in...then i extend it back....after that I circle it in the air...when I am circiling it's not so much of a crack but it feels like something is rotatin...is this normal?

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If there's no audible click, and there's no pain, it's nothing to worry about. Besides, the femur is supposed to rotate in the hipjoint, so from your brief description, everything sounds about right.

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Nope, click with no actual pain is nothing. Pain with no click, now that's something to worry about. Click AND pain, and it's doctor time. But simple discomfort we work with all the time.

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my hips often hurt and feel very tight, and it helps if i can pop them, but it is often difficult to pop deep inside teh joint where it needs it. sometimes it helps for me to sit in a butterfly position pushing my rotation to its fullest, but i cant get it to pop enough to free the joint very often. is there any way to do this, or should i stretch more, or is it a bad sign?

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Sounds to me as though you could just do a little more passive stretching, like the butterfly, and you'll be OK. I never had my hips pop in class, just one day, they sort of flew open, and my extension took off! I had to fudge a little on a la seconde, letting it drift slightly forward, but no pops.

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Guest Christianna

I've had a hip popping problem for about 2 years. My hip pops even when I'm not stretching. Like I turn my upper body while sitting, but my lower stays facing forward and it pops and then I'll usually yelp from it because it catches me off guard. It doesn't really hurt it just happens when I least expect it. Usually when I'm sitting in a chair. Sometimes walking, stretching, or when I do a penche or an arabesque causes it. But it only happens a few times a month.



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Guest RachelD

My hips crack mostly to the side. There are certain areas that crack its like they crack twice like once in and once out, if that makes any sense. If i stop when it cracks once and hold my leg there it is painful and sometimes when it cracks it hurts.

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OK, I'm not sure that this is really the same thing everyone else

has been talking about, so I don't know if I should follow the above advice.

Whenever I do grand battemant or developpe, mostly to the side, I hear a noise

somewhere between a grind and a crack. Somehow, I don't really think this is good??

I don't feel any pain? :gossip:

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Noise and no pain is no big deal. Try edging the developpé a bit more forward, and I bet the noise will go away. If it doesn't, and it still doesn't hurt, don't worry. I used to dance with a girl who would actually CREAK when she'd do a developpé to à la seconde. She said it didn't hurt, even though she could feel it, and she never had a moment's trouble with it. She's still working today!

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Thank you very much, Major Mel for easing my fears :unsure:

I've never felt any pain with it, so I wasn't sure whether to worry or not.

Thank you again :gossip:

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Guest Shortie

Mr. Jhonson, i have had cracking and popping in my hip for about two years. recently i think i got a hip injury from it. when i do a grande Rond de jambe from the back to the side and the side to the front my hip hurts. My teacher tells me that i am using my hips to hold up my leg but i can not find the muscle to use instead of my hips. When i lift my leg to the front and a la seconde i hear a popping and cracking and when my leg is above 90 it hurts. I do stretch and ice it every day but my hip is not getting better. Should i see a doctor??? or a physical therapist??? :gossip:

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