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Guest bunhead0614

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Guest bunhead0614

Hey all! I found this quote and wanted to share it with everyone!


*This sport is not about million dollar contracts or over priced shoes. It is about dedication and determination. My mind is sharp and my body is strong. i may not be the biggest athlete out there,but nothing is larger than my spirit...I came to dance*


One last thing...Although many people do not consider dance a sport, I hope they can see past that and really appreciate the true meaning of this quote

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Ballet is not "more of an art", it IS an art! However, the quote is still good if you can look at it in a bit of a different light in terms of the meaning. Just wondering who said that, and what kind of dancer it was? Could it have been someone other than a classical dancer?

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from my teacher, several years ago, i still remember:

Ballet is not art. Ballet is hard work. Art is what comes of it, if youre lucky.

i know he wasnt speaking of luck, he was speaking of every little bit that goes into it, which includes luck, but is too complex to define purely. still, its one of my favorite quotes.

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Guest Rosefire

I once read a quote from Merce Cunningham ( i think it was her) and she said;


'Ballet dancers give up everything. But all the blood, sweat, tears and pain you've been through in the past years of your life are all worth it for that single, fleeting moment when you really feel alive. That is why we dance.'


thats the gist of it, but i may have embellished it in places.(!) Its completely true for me, though. I love to dance, but i only know why when i actually AM dancing!

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Guest jane

Yes, ballet IS an art, Ms Leigh, you're right.

And ConstanzaElisabeth, I can quite see what your teacher meant. Ballet lessons are learning to make art, and I would'nt call myself an artist by any means, but I do think ballet itself is an art.

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Guest Rosefire


im dreadfully sorry to impose my ignorance on everyone else here! I really didn't know that-shows how much i know about influential choreographers of the century!

Thankyou for putting me reight, or i might have gone round forever making such a big mistake as that!


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