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I recently read about something called "surgical spirit", used to toughen the top layer of skin. Does anyone know if this stuff works, and, if it does, can it be purchased in the United States? The only information I can find is from the United Kingdom. Thanks for your help!

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"Surgical Spirit" is just Britspeak for rubbing alcohol. The best kind for drying an area is 70% Ethanol (ethyl alcohol)

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Thank you. So, all this stuff does is dry your feet out? Plus I guess it would keep them sterile?

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It's antiseptic and a fungistat (stops fungus infections like athlete's foot). It will sterilize the field it's applied to right up to the moment the area touches something else! It dries out the area by dissolving the oils found there, and also by mixing with the surface moisture and carrying it off by rapid evaporation. That's why alcohol feels cold. That will make the formation of the cuticle layer of the epidermis (outer skin) thicker, and "toughen" it.

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You can also get new skin, a liquid bandage that you paint over blisters or whatever area you want protected, and it acts like a second skin, and rubs off before the real thing does! It works wonders and helps keep blisters covered, but hurts like crazy putting it on an open blister!

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Camphorated spirit is OK, it's just an ethanol made undrinkable by adding naphthalene or paradichlorobenzine to it. The only problem I've ever had with it is that the aroma is a lot like mothballs, and the "camphor" can percolate through the skin into the bloodstream if you use it too often or over too large an area of skin. Then everything tastes like mothballs!:)

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