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Hi everyone! I have a dilemna because classes end at my school on May 23 because my teacher is going to France. My SI does not start until June 29 and I am worried about the 5-week break in between. I am afraid to take that much time off and then go into a really rigorous schedule. I am somewhat injury-prone, so I know thats not the best option. I am not sure what to do. Even if I stretch faithfully, its still not the same as taking class. I would like to do a 2-week SI in June, but so far I have not found any. Do you know of any short intensives in June? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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SwanQueen, I don't where you are in VA, but there must be other schools around somewhere which continue classes into June? Even if they are Adult classes, they could at least keep you in shape. If you are anywhere near DC, like Arlington, or can get to DC or Bethesda, there are open classes available.

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I don't live in the D.C. area but I know people I could stay with for a few weeks. What are some good options if I want to take class every day for a few weeks? I don't really know the D.C. area that well, what are a few places that have open classes? Thanks

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There are open classes as WSB at 10:00 a.m. 4 days a week, and two nights there are int. classes for adults. This will run through June 6 only. Maryland Youth Ballet has a larger number of adult classes at all levels and they usually continue through the breaks. They are in Bethesda, very close to Metro stop.

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