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Lately my hips have been hurting a lot. They also pop sometimes. I thought it would go away but it hasn't. It hurts the most when Im not dancing, or just warming up. What should I do? Thanks.

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It sounds to me like you may be trying to force rotation from your hips, which is a little better than forcing turnout at foot level, but still can lead to troubles, some of which you've started to describe here. Since you do a warm-up before class, I'd add a "warm-down" period, too, after class, when you are as warm as you're likely to get, and can do the stretches that I bet you're doing in your warm-up. Doing stretches cold can lead to all sorts of aches and pains.

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Thanks so much, after class we do 4 grande plies as our cool down, so I guess I'll do a little stretching after class. Thanks for your positive answer, I was thinking maybe I had a major hip problem or something!

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Guest Medora

Mr. Johnson, in a warm down, what kinds of stretches should I do? I have the same trouble sugarplumfairy does. When we stretch after barre I like to sit in a Russian split on my stomach. Warm, I can lay in that position no problem, but cold, my hips freeze up and have the popping and hurting etc. Do you recommend easy stretches for a warm down or are those harder ones okay?

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Do the hardest stretches after class and just trail them down to the gentle, passive stretches you do before class, shake out your legs, and you're done!:)

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