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Epsum salt vs. hydrogen peroxide

Guest alliecat93

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Guest alliecat93

I got a REALLY bad blister in class tonight and I need to take care of it so it doesn't get infected. My teacher told me to soak my foot in epsum salt, pu some vasoline on it, and take a day off pointe. I have epsum salt, but I'm worried that it will hurt really bad. I put some hydrogen peroxide on it already (which almost never hurts) and it hurt sooo much. I'm assuming the blister was infected since it hurt so much. Do you think epsum salt would be better than hydrogen peroxide for treating a blister? I hope I get some responses really soon! :eek:

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Epsom salts is a hydrated magnesium sulfate. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 - just a water molecule with one extra oxygen. This makes it an oxidizer, because it wants nothing more than to be rid of that extra O atom. That's why you're supposed to keep it tightly closed and away from heat. Anyway, the epsom salts might as well as be table salt for all the good they do in blister treatment. You can get a good wash off using either an epsom salt or standard saline solution or plain warm water. Then an antiseptic wash with peroxide, a thorough drying, then cover with a sterile dressing. The new hydrocolloidal dressings are really quite wonderful. Try them.

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Guest alliecat93

Thank you for your advice, Major Mel! I just realized that in my message and in the title I spelt sepsom salt incorrectly. oops! :o


I have one more question. I have heard of something (methol spirits?) people used to put on their feet to toughen the skin. Does this realyy work? I was thining if I could get my skin tougher, I wouldn't get as many blisters. I'm asuuming that putting this on your feet would hurt really bad, correct? Would it only hurt on the areas where there is an open blister, or does it just hurt you skin anyway?


Thanks so much for all of you're wonderful advice! I don't think we take enough time to appreciate the fantastic moderators we have here! :)

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All I know is that soaking your feet in epsom salt feels GREAT after a long day on pointe!!!!!!!!!!

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Methylated spirit is just another name for denatured/rubbing alcohol. It stings on an open wound. Especially when you don't know you have one! It will dry the skin by dissolving the surface skin oils.

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