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NBS and RWB where do their alumni dance?

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In the few days that this thread has been going, I've been doing my own research as to where graduates of these schools end up. I'm not finished my little make-work project yet, but I'll be happy to share the data I have collected. However, at the moment I'm at work and my lists are at home! I'll post later today with what I have so far. One trend that I have noted is that graduates from each program seem to end up in the same or similar companies.

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Here is my very unofficial and unscientific data regarding alumni from NBS and RWB. I've gone searching companies on the internet; some don't list dancer's training; others do. Some liist every summer program and every school a dancer attended; others list only the last place of training...clearly not the most optimal way to colect info. Oh - by the way - I've not completed my search...I'm just posting what I have, and I'll post back once it seems I have a done a relatively decent job.




San Francisco Ballet

Hamburg Ballet

Ballet BC

Boston Ballet

Ballet Monte Carlo

Ballet Frankfurt

Colorado Ballet

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

National Ballet of Canada





Ballet Arizona

Boston Ballet

Ballet BC

Ballet Idaho

Colorado Ballet

Eugene Ballet

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

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And here's some more data:




Royal Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet





Orlando Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Festival Ballet of Providence

Oregon Ballet Theatre

American Ballet Theatre

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mom2, can we hire you? :)


I've done a few of my own searches but not for any particular ballet school's alumni - instead, I've made a point of reading the bios of dancers affiliated with various companies. I am in agreement there is no set way of dealing with this info. - some companies give a lot of info and some don't.


My two most recent were Pennsylvania Ballet and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Both of these companies have dancers from all over the place. I find it very interesting to read where the various dancers hail from...and it can be quite surprising, too.


mom2, I really appreciate your nonscientific efforts and I'm sure there are many others who do, too! :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the great information and independent research! :)


This thread caused me to remember seeing some kind of a list from NBS of where everyone of their grads were going after graduation. I dug through my "SI Audition basket" (where all the forms, acceptance letters and assorted information about programs is tossed) and I found a magazine that was sent to me by NBS when I wrote for information two years ago. Sure enough, there was a list there of their grads and their plans. In 2001, there were 10 grads (8 girls, 2 boys) in the professional ballet program. I'll delete the names and include the list here:


NBS Intensive Dance program (male)

Theatre Program, Boston Ballet School

Hong Kong Ballet

NBS Apprentice (2)

Paris Opera School

Pre-pro program in Marseilles

Rosella Hightower program in Cannes

Julliard, modern dance

ABT Studio Company (male)


There were also 5 grads (4 girls, 1 boy) in the Teacher Training program. All but the male listed schools where they had been hired in Canada.


I wonder if this information isn't available for most pre-pro schools, if you ask? As someone mentioned, Harid sends a list of every grad from their school since it opened and where they went on to dance, with their acceptance letters. It would be great if more programs would make this data readily available to prospective students. It certainly does tell you a lot about a program and it is very helpful when trying to make informed decisions about your child's training!

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What I would like to see from each school is a list of ALL graduates, not just the ones that went on to dance companies. I'd want to see where those who didn't continue dancing did with their lives immediately upon graduation. That would tell me if they received a good enough education, while they were boarders at the ballet school, to not be hindered right away in their non-ballet lives. Also, what were their majors in college?

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The list Harid sent out this year did include every graduate. Those that went on to college were listed with their college and their major. For NBS, all grads for the year were listed, right under their group graduation picture in the publication they sent. The list followed the order in the picture, so that you could associate their bio with their picture. That particular year, all the students went on to dance or teach dancing, with the exception of one in the Teacher Training program and it said something like "Considering several options" under his name.


Don't know if other programs list their "non-dancing" grads or not, but those two programs included everyone in their lists. :)

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Just a little note to those of you who follow the Royal Winnepeg Ballet. In case you didn't know it, they have a new movie out - well, sort of:


"Guy Maddin has concocted his most ravishingly stylized cinematic creation yet. Beautifully transposing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's interpretation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire yarn from stage to screen..." for more information you might want to look at Zeitgeist Film's website - it's amazing what ballet dancers are up to these days. :)

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This summer's issue of "To the Pointe" put out by The National Ballet School features an article entitled "NBS salutes the Class of 2004: Where are they now?" (and another one about graduates of their teacher training program)... this article lists the names of the recent grads and where they're performing or what they're pursuing now.


Don't have time to type it all out, but perhaps I can later...if not, please, someone else who has this magazine - feel free to type away! :D

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I don't receive "To the Pointe" from NBS, but I do know a little info about recent grads. One male 2003 grad has an Apprentice contract with NBOC, as does one female 2004 grad (those are the ones I know about; there could be more). One 2004 grad is apparently going to the ABT Studio Company. I also remember in the fall hearing of a male 2003 grad who had just received a contract with a British company - ENB I think. It was around the time of the NBS Annual General Meeting and performance; lots of happy buzz of course. A female grad from 3 (or is it 4?) years ago did a one year post-grad exchange with POB and then took a contract with the Royal Ballet in London. I'm reluctant to post names here, even though they are available on websites of the various places...the dancers, especially those with apprentice contracts, may not be identified with a particular school.


I am not sure about recent RWB grads. I did hear that one 2003 grad has a contract for the upcoming season with the Het National Ballet - actually I just checked that website and several additions are mentioned to the company, including the RWB graduate. One male 2004 graduate is going to Kelowna Ballet in British Columbia.


Hopefully some of the other posters will be able to add some information.

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Christophe Brochard: *Rudra, the multi-disciplinary school of Bejart's Ballet Lausanne


Linda Choe: Intensive Dance Program (IDP) at NBS


Madeline Crist: IDP NBS


Matthew Crockard-Villa: IDP NBS


Nicola Curry: ABT Studio Co.


Alexandra de la Plante: **L' École Superieure de Dance de Rosella Hightower à Cannes


Meaghan Dietrich: Further academic studies with emphasis on dance-related career paths


Jessica Fallis: IDP NBS


David Gilmour: IDP, NBS or Hamburg Ballet School


Brock Hayhoe: IDP NBS


Marie-Pierre Hervé: **Hightower


Elena Lobsanova: Apprenticeship, The National Ballet of Canada


Ashley McDonald: Dalhousie University


Min Sun Park: University dance studies, Korea


Bradley Powell: *Rudra/ Bejart


Marissa Parzei: IDP NBS


Pamela Rasback: Ryerson University, Toronto, dance and choreography studies


Iain Rowe: IDP NBS


Bronwyn Trevor: IDP NBS


Elizabeth Wisenberg: Boston Ballet II



I have no idea how long any of these students attended NBS - except one, who I believe was only there this past year and hailed from Washington School of Ballet. I do not mean this comment in any way as a belittling of NBS' program - not at all because we've been down the well trodden "But where did they get their original training?" path before. I do, however, think it's interesting to note that students can, sometimes, begin their attendance at NBS at later stages of their ballet training.


As always, it's interestiing to read about the first steps after graduating from a ballet program.

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At least two of the women you mentioned have been at NBS since about age 10. The one going to ABT/Studio has been there at least 3 years; don't know if more.


The male 2003 grad going to NBOC was at the school from age 12. Of course, he wasn't on your list as he graduated in 2003, but I know his parents so he has a special spot in my heart. :D


Thanks so much for posting all of this, BW!!!



m2 :yes:

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Your welcome mom2 - and thanks for your information, too.


I just noticed there's a page which lists Graduates of the Intensive Dance Program (Advanced Post-Secondary Training):


Charles Berry: Stuttgart Ballet


Lauren Collier: Indiana University, dance major


Courtney Gibbs: awaiting results of audition with NDTII and Cullberg Ballet, Sweden


Nydia Monaco: Ballet West, Salt Lake City, Utah


Jacob Niedzwiecki: Apprenticeship, National Ballet of Canada


Jenna Savelia: Apprenticeship, NB of C


Robert Stephen: Apprenticeship, NB of C


Cristina Tucciarone: Ballet Jorgen, Toronto


Nan Wang: Apprenticeship, NB of C


Desmond West-Chow: pursuing various options


Chelsea Winter: Hamburg Ballet School

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I would like to reopen this thread to include very recent information on where alumni of NBS are heading. Does anyone have any current information on where graduates of NBS are continuing their dance careers? Thanks!

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