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NBS and RWB where do their alumni dance?

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It sure has been a long time since those posts! Wow!!


From the names last listed by BW, off the top of my head I can say that Robert Stephen is still with NBOC, and ChristinaTucciarone is still with Ballet Jorgen Canada. Actually Mr. Stephen is choreographing a piece for the NBOC couple competing in the Erik Bruhn prize in a couple of weeks.


I don't know much about more recent NBS grads, though the website for Youdance tells us that four of the current NBOC apprentices went to NBS (there are 10 apprentices all together). The school used to put information about the destinations in their Annual Report- don't know if that still happens.

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Thanks, mom2. As a poster with an American DD, just thinking about where Canadian trained dancers tend to head the most. NBS states that they prepare for any type of company and I frequently see names of their former dancers all over Europe and Canada. I am sure this relates to visa aquisition, somewhat, and what nationalities attend the school, anyway. I guess it would not be easy to make any assumptions based on lists, partially because of the ease of aquiring work visas in the US?

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It isnt that "easy" to aquire the coveted US work visa..at least not from our experience..it may be easier with a large company, ie ABT, NYCB, SFB but if your dancer is hired by a not big name company you are looking at time and $$$$$ to aquire this work visa.. :D PS... keep EVERY program your dancer is listed in...in duplicate..the Visa requires them...

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In our experience it is extremely difficult for Canadian dancers who do not also have US citizenship to ever get dance jobs in the US. It is probably easier to be hired in Europe for Canadians.

The exception may be those dancers who are multiple big competition winners.


I think there are quite a few NBS dancers in Europe, both past and present.

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I guess there should be a thread devoted to the question of what can be ascertained from looking at a list of graduates and where they go. There is so much a parent would like to be able to glean from such a list. What companies were attracted to a dancer from that training syllabus, for instance? I guess there are just as many things you can't learn from the list as those that you think you can. Every student has a different origin, history of contacts and personal situation. The more I think about it, the more I realize the list may not be that helpful at all! :D

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From the 2009 AGM report:

Link to NBS 2009 AGM Report

The success of recent graduates is quite impressive, companies that employ graduates from the past three years include

The National Ballet of Canada, Alberta Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Royal Danish Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Dresden Semperoper Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, Leipzig Ballet, Dusseldorf Ballet, Ballet Kelowna, National Ballet of Mexico, Joffrey Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, New York City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Zurich Ballet, Ballet San Jose, Orlando Ballet and Introdans.

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All RWB female company members are graduates of the RWB program.

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I stumbled on this older topic and would like to revive it. Are there any BT4D members who have more recent information about where NBS alumni end up dancing professionally? While it's very pre-mature to think that far ahead for my DD, I just want to gain some perspective on where NBS training have lead to for some students. Thanks in advance for any info.

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Hi lanine,


NBS graduates are quite literally all over the world. I know of dancers in smaller companies and larger ones in Canada, the US and Europe. Examples include: National Ballet of Canada, Stuttgart Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Ballet Kelowna, Ballet Jorgen Canada, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, Alberta Ballet. There are many more of course, but these are the ones I know off the top of my head. The companies I've named currently have dancers who have graduated from NBS.

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