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UK Summer School - Swindon

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I've found an advert for an adult summer school in Swindon 18-22 August. I have rung them and they are going to send me some information, so I will post more when I receive it. This is the advert:


"Adult Summer Dance School 18 - 22 August

This established and popular summer school has daily classes in jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap at all levels from beginner to advanced and is open to dancers aged 14 and over. Faculty: Yael Flexer, Namron, Kate Prince, Zoe Humphries, Paul Melis, Derek Hartley, Banksy, Barry Ganberg, Jill Barnes. Fees: range from £40.00 - £155. Contact: Swindon Dance Summer School on +44 (0)1793 463213."



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That's good news. Tracey. Last I heard, Swindon Dance - who ran the summer school in the past - had shut down due to lack of funding, but it sounds like they're back on their feet again.


Unfortunately, the week of the summer school precedes our busiest weekend of the year at work, so I doubt very much that I'll make it. Doh!

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I have received the details of the summer school. You can do 3 levels of ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap:


Level A - 'participants with little previous knowledge of class style. Accent is on learning basic skills in a relaxed class envrionment. Also suitable for those returning to class after a long break in training or after injury rehabilitation

Level B - 'participants with a good knowledge of class technique, able to keep up with a fast paced class'

Level C is for 'participants with indepth experience/intensive training in the class style and are able to keep up with a fast and demanding advanced class'.


Cost is for the 5 days and depends on how many classes a day you take, and you get 5% discount if you book before 18th July:


1 class per day - £41.50

2 classes per day - £77.50

3 classes per day - £108.50

4 classes per day - £134.50

5 classes per day - £155.25


Each class is 1.5 hours long, and there is also a street dance or contemporary performance project. No food or accommodation included in the cost.


The teachers are:


Ballet - Paul Melis

Contemporary - Namron and Yael Flexer

Contemporary Dance Performance Project - Yael Flexer

Tap - Derek Hartley

Street Dance Performance Project - Bansky

Jazz - Zoe Humphries and Kate Prince


If anyone wants to join me I'm thinking of doing Levels A & B ballet, just need to work out time off work :eek:



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:) Not this year, I'm afraid, though it sounds purrfect!:rolleyes:


I'm doing intensive training all summer for a new job so I'll have to give it a miss. However, I'm sure every UK (perhapd Europ-wide) ballet-alerter will want comprehensive reports on this so we call all sign up next year.;)

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Guest beckster

I'm going to phone up for the information. I don't know if I will make it, but I'd like to have a look at the program! Although I'm not sure how it would work going to Swindon from London - I wonder if they have a youth hostel there?!

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