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Different Arabesques

Guest IrishKitri

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Guest IrishKitri

Me again;)


I just remembered that we had a discussion about arabesques today in class ... that different methods have slightly different arabesques ...


As far as I know the English version is like that:


first - Legs effacé, arms effacé

second - legs effacé, arms croisé

third - legs croisé, arms effacé or legs effacé, arms to front, back arm slightly higher

fourth - legs croisé, arms croisé


(I don´t know if I´m right though). Are there differences to Vaganova, Chechetti, Bournonville and other styles? If so, what do they look like then?:confused:


Your help is really appreciated!


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In Bournonville, there are just two arabesques, ouverte and croisée, and the arms are described separately, bras en lyre, en couronne, and so on. The same thing holds true for Legat, except their arm positions are a little different. (What we think of as fifth is third, and there is a fifth front in which both arms reach forward as if in arabesque, and a fifth back with puts both arms behind you. Not the most comfortable thing.) In Vaganova, first arabesque is pretty much as you've described it, second is about the same with a slight incline of the head, third, the leg is croisée and the arms effacée, then just reverse the arms and you have fourth arabesque. In Cecchetti, first is the same, second is the same, third is always ouverte with both arms forward, the upstage one somewhat raised, then comes the strange part - Cecchetti fourth is done to your own front diagonal (croisée) and in demi-plié! Fifth is similar, but the arms are as for third.

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