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New Forum Will Focus on 2003 Summer Intensive Results


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I just wanted to let everyone know about our plans here at Ballet Talk for collecting your feedback, after dancers return from their 2003 summer intensives. It is hard to believe, but some SIs will begin in less than one month! :)


Beginning in mid-June, look for a brand-new forum called, “2003 Summer Intensive Feedback.” This forum will be divided into threads (one for each summer program). A series of questions will be included in the first post and respondents will be asked to copy the questions and answer them in their replies. The forum will also allow dancers and parents to add their general comments about an SI, ask one another questions about SIs, and provide a sense of the culture at the SIs that either they or their children have attended.


The forum will begin with a thread for each of the programs that we had survey responses for in 2002. If the program you attend this year is not listed, we will provide a thread where you can post the name and we will create a new thread. What is important is that you tell your friends who do not currently post on Ballet Talk to register now, so that they can post their summer experiences and view the information that others post, as well. As was the case with the 2002 SI survey, this forum will only be as useful as those posting there allow. The more posts we get, the better and more informative the forum will be.


Everyone will be free to participate on this forum, but we do ask that those providing information about SIs be limited to those who have actually attended an SI or had a child who attended. (No second or third-hand experience, please.) When clarification about classes offered or some other aspect of a specific SI is warranted, SI faculty members will be welcome to participate. The forum will be moderated by the parents of ballet students (BW and myself). We hope that this format will provide an easy way to locate all of the comments about a specific SI and that it will also allow for a wider range of responses, since respondents won’t be restricted to just the original set of questions.


This forum will replace the SI survey format, completed for the 2002 SI season. Due to the difficulty in collecting, collating and presenting the 2002 results, we think that this format may better suit our internet audience. The 2002 SI survey results, (now found on the Ballet Alert home page), will be removed in mid-June. So, if you want to take a last look or copy certain results to your computer, now is the time to do so!


We look forward to this new forum and we appreciate Alexandra’s willingness to provide this venue for the discussion of summer programs. Speaking from personal experience, what I have learned from Ballet Talk about various SIs has been invaluable to both my daughter and myself. Plan to join us in June for the latest “scoop” on the 2003 programs! :cool:

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