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Does anyone here know colleges with a good dance program, preferably ballet? I'd like to find one that isn't too expensive, or has good scholarship programs.


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Your best one-stop shopping for this information is the Dance Magazine College Guide which may be obtained through your local library, via Interlibrary loan, if they don't have it in their collection already. Or you may purchase your own copy at the Dance Magazine site:



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Thanks for that information, I'm going to order the Dance Magazine issue. What I'd like to hear though, is some firsthand information of people who take dance in college, and recommandations.

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Marjolein, you might try a search on this forum. There have been several programs discussed here, the most recent being Indiana, I think.

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Marjolein- If you or anyone else for that matter would like more information about Indiana University's ballet program please private message me and I would be more than willing to tell you all about it and answer any questions. I am starting my senior year in the fall and so am quite experienced in how everything runs and what I consider pros and cons. (mostly pros in my opinion:) ) Good luck in your college search!



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Guest attitudegirl

Utah also has a great ballet department that works closely with ballet west. They start at the high school level, but it's a college program. I've seen a few dancers from there who were amazing!!!!

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I was just about to say the same thing, attitudegirl! We have a girl who danced at our studio for years who went on to dance at University of Utah. She's graduating next week with a MFA in Ballet with an emphasis on teaching. They do work closely with Ballet West so their program, in my opinion, is definitely one worth looking into :)

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Does anyone know of or attend any colleges with really good dance programs as well as business programs? I'm looking for a college with an Arts Administration program as well as a stong ballet program. I've looked online and found that Butler University and Goucher College both have Arts Administration, but I haven't come across any others.

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Mercyhurst College offers a minor in Arts Administration, along with other concentrations in the Business Department. I am a dance major at Mercyhurst, and I love the program. Good luck!

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lil lindsay~ive been looking into colleges and mercyhurst is one of the ones on my list. if you have time, could you write or pm me with a little info or opinion on their ballet program?

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Personally, I love Mercyhurst's program. There are 6 levels of ballet, two jazz, modern and tap levels, dance conditioning, dance history, pedagogy, kinesiology, three levels of choreography, among others, with under 100 dancers. The class sizes (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior) is getting smaller and more selective. This coming year, we will be having 16 dance majors and minors in the freshman class. Dance classes are four days a week, along with open classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There are a lot of performing opportunities, too. There is also a liturgical dance ensemble which performs at a lot of out reach events. This year, we added Nu Delta Alpha, which is an honor society based in the dance department which looks for students who are academically talented and have other outside activities outside of the dance department. Lake Erie Ballet, is also located in Erie, PA. Each spring, there is an audition held for open positions in its company and apprentice program. If selected, you also have other performing opportunities with them, and can receive internship credit for performing with them. There is so much more I can say about the department and the school itself, if there is anything else you'd like to know, please respond or private message me. Hope that helps!

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You may also look in to colleges with Masters in Public Adminsitration (MPA), it is similar to a Masters in Business Admin. (MBA) but deals more with the non-profit secotor, perfect for the arts but not limiting...


Good Luck... other colleges for Classical training, North Carolina School of the Arts and SUNY Purchase.

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Guest Angel2Be

From what I've heard, University of Arizona has a great dance department, strong in ballet, modern and jazz. I am thinking of applying there myself. I'm also considering University of Iowa, but don't know quite enough about them yet. If anyone out there has any information, I would be very grateful! (I am not necessarily looking for a top-notch school and dance department, but one that offers both quality journalism and quality dance and will allow me to major or minor in both.)


I have also heard only positive things about ballet at Mercyhurst and Goucher, but they're too far east for me.


Good luck to all my fellow college applicants!

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