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question about split stretching


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in my ballet class today, i did a stretching for splits that i usually do at home, which was to go down as low as i could, then to try and push myself down lower. i did this a few times quickly, and was spotted by my teacher who told me not to "bounce".


can i know what's wrong with the stretch, specifically, what's wrong with the "bounce"?

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Because when you bounce, you're in uncontrolled movement. You could just bounce your way into a broken hamstring that way.:)

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There was a study back in the '70s that showed that the 'up' movement of the bounce actually shortened (i.e. contracted) the muscle groups more than the 'down' movement lengthened (i.e. stretched):eek:


A better approach would be to relax slightly and then increase the stretch with gradual intensity

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