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Ballet Talk for Dancers

You need to see this!


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This man makes oilpaintings of (mostly) balletdancers and musicians... The paintings of the balletdancers are very, very pretty!!


(although leg and arm lengths seem to be out of proportion in some of the paintings (too long or too short) ...but hey, we all know how hard it is to be perfect in art :D)

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Guest Doris R

Miriam, many thanks so much for a delightful gallery tour. I really enjoyed some of these works. Too bad the artist doesn't offer an affordable alternative, such as note cards printed with his paitings. These are priced way beyond me!

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Guest grace

interesting gallery tour. thanks miriam. i quite like the "pas de deux for two sisters" (in blue on the first page), but it's not quite as nice when enlarged...there's a beefcake one on the 2nd page which isn't bad - a sort of spartacus leaping image...some seem to be recogniseably based on photographs, with a bit of elaboration which is not always for the better.

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