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Had another one of 'those' days

Guest fastfeets

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Guest fastfeets

*sigh* It's very difficult coming back after so long. Sometimes I don't notice the changes and the long road ahead doesn't seem so rocky, but today is not one of those times.


Fouette turns are going to be the death of me, I swear it....and I'm kicking myself, while beating my head into the wall because I want very much to do something with this. But I'm half tempted to check myself into the loony bin for even thinking of putting myself through this torture again....argh....


...and i have a shin splint, and my dog is sick....


i dont like today at all...someone distract me, quick...

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What did you LIKE about your dancing today?Was the music interesting? (THis morning in our class, for the degages Chris the pianist did a trick that made it sound like he was playing the banjo.... it was just amazing. He'd opened the top and put duct tape across the strings... which he ripped off at the end, to tremendous theatrical effect...

I had a terrible class, too, but it made my day......



Besides, fouette turns aren't that important -- you don't NEED them to be able to dance. Pavlova couldn't do them, -- check out Danilova's biography, Choura, she says something VERY funny about Legnani out in the middle of the stage like a fire-truck......


Choura is a GREAT book, period....

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Quick - someone dust off the wine couch and I'll go to the off licence. What do you prefer, fastfeets, red or white wine?;)


Bad days come and go, sometimes there are too many of them all in a row. Then one day, out of the blue, everything goes brilliantly, and you'll think you've done nothing differently. IMO that's the nature of dancing and the human body.:)

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Boy did I have one of those yesterday! I kept thinking 'is it over yet?' Finally decided that I would stop worrying about technique and just enjoy feeling the music. Not that it helped.

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Guest fastfeets

ugh....today I'm so tired and achy. My dog has been terribly sick and it's all caught up with me....





Miriam, a shin split....I'm not 100% sure this is totally accurate, but basically it's an injury to the connective tissue holding the muscles of your shin to the shinbone, causing acute pain when trying to execute grand allegro. (please correct me if i'm wrong, anyone...).


Paul, I liked absolutely nothing about yesterday, other than the moment it was over. It was all around an abyss of dismal technique. I've tried to think of something that went well....the closest thing, actually...now that I think about it...I did manage several consecutive doubles on both sides...but on my right, they were very horrid....not too bad on the left. Thing is, I'm easily capable of triples...so this wasn't actually a good thing, in the grand picture. :)


Kate, yes! Dust off the wine couch please!! lol...and red wine...always red. Something Italian would be lovely. Tomorrow is another class...I had today off. Who knows where that could lead....


so much for my adult comeback as a professional...lol....


pleiades, aren't those days awful? Still worse is several of those days in a row....ugh.

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fastfeets, would a Rioja do? I have a nice one at home that I'm more than willing to share! Have a nice bath to get rid of the aches and come on over!




PS, hope your doggy's better :)

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Guest fastfeets

Tracey, Oooh Rioja is a nice variety ;) I'm actually going to pick up some Sangiovese tonight after class.....


Doggy woke up after a full nights sleep and made a beeline for the back door...she's out soaking up the sunlight (that we haven't seen for days) and hasn't coughed since she started her new medication. So we're starting out the day rather well :)


although it's my kids' last day of school...a whole summer with those two home...help! ;)

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glad your dog is feeling beter --what a difference, huh?


I'm having to take tday off-- my knee twisted yesterday, made myself sleep and sleep some more...... the knee doesn't hurt to day, so far so good.....


hang in there....


the thing I try to do on days technique isn['t working is to do the OTHER things that are so important in dancing -- like feel the air go by you, let the music in, use active imaging to make my dancing interesting, be sure to keep my head and shoulders alive.....

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Guest fastfeets

I'd love to take today off, but we're a week away from a big show, and I'll have two weeks off after that.... *sigh*


I'm sorry to hear about your knee....glad it's not hurting today though.


My shin is still a bit tender, but I'll wrap it tonight, and take it easy on the jumps. I'm also dealing with tendons feeling tight and even painful after jumps (technique problem...i'm trying to correct....). I'd still love to skip tonight....ahh well....I'll just picture being Medora, and all should be perfect.


I wonder, does looking forward to a relaxing weekend being kicked off with wine and good company count as a positive thing in class? ;)


Hope your knee is all better very soon...and stop twisting it!

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thanks, Fastfets-- my knee IS better-- lots of sleep and I skipped class this morning...


are you PERFORMING next week? Did I finally figure that out? THat's tricky --


you know, a glass of wine in the evening IS a mild and safe remuscle-relaxan and a good night's SLEEP, wiht maybe a little extra (9 hours instead of 8) is good for yourco-ordination..... THis might be a good time to concentrate on what tennis-players call the head game -- imagine your performance, think of hte head positions, the phrasing, hte transitions, the plie..... the path of hte arms, all those things -- in a focussed spirit but one that's full of generosity -- for your performance will need generosity. If you don't forgive yourself, your audience will never forgive you....

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A massage is always good, especially before a performance -- it's very relaxing, good for your co-ordination, good for healing...... and it's comforting, always cheers me up....

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Guest fastfeets



Oh I fully plan to try to fit in a massage on thursday next week (my only day off.) Our performance is the 31st, and I just found out tonight that I've been added to another dance...african dance. It's fabulous, but I'm worried that learning another dance in the week remaining might be more than I can take on...but it's a fun dance, so I'll manage.


There's so much going on, and the kids finished school today (2 1/2 months of nonstop kids at home...joy..) so it should be a fun few days...LOL


I did get a good bit of info tonight. My instructor told me of all the dancers he's teaching now, I have the best and most natural facial expressions. He was telling me tonight that even at barre, I always look like I'm enjoying it a great deal. It meant a lot to me.....


We're doing a spanish ballet, and even the pointe piece we're doing has a spanish flair, so there's a LOT of emotion and arrogance needed. I have little trouble with that, but in flats I sometimes fail to get solidly over my feet...which throws me off. Lots of work next week on correcting that....but otherwise, I'm much better.


Had a great class tonight, despite extreme pain with the shinsplint....which held me back on jumps (i went for tech, not height....and just moved on...lol)...but all in all, mental mood is much improved.


Glad to hear your knee is much better!! Thanks for the support, and advice...it's gratefully accepted and much needed.. :) I'll be begging for more throughout the week, I'd wager.

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