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Calf Muscles

Guest Ileene

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Well, in baseball, one out of three is pretty good. The same applies here. You're batting .333. Stretching is what does it. The other two options are not options. Of course, you can only fight genetics so far, so if your legs are built a certain way by heredity, there's only so much you can do! A really good way to minimize the bulging calf muscle is to make sure that the heels come down all the way when in demi-plié. All the time. Whether at barre or in center. Many people keep tension in the foot which prevents them from closing, say fifth position, entirely. The foot has to be released in order for you to get the maximum benefit from your plié. Stopping short will build bulgy muscles.

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It's the batting average: batting .333 means you hit the ball without being put out one out of three times. Trust me, it's a good metaphor. ;)

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