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Ballet classes over the Bank Holiday.

Rubber Legs

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I have been lucky this year so far !.Every holiday this year so far I have attended a ballet class this includes Easter,May Day and Spring Bank Holiday.


The question has been asked the week before the holiday should we have a class over the bank holiday and most people agree it's a good idea.I have really enjoyed attending these classes and it certainly beats getting stuck in bank holiday traffic jams.


I maybe interested in attending ballet classes over the summer holidays.If anybody knows of any classes in the Midlands area of England I would be grateful if you could let me know.

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What an Earth is Spring Bank Holiday? Asks an ignorant Finn.

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Bank Holidays used to come on all sorts of Saints' Days, Feasts and Fasts of the Church of England. There used to be about 40 of them. First, they tried to cut the number down to 18 and then only four, to the great delight of the Ebenezer Scrooges and the general misery of the Bob Cratchits.


They tried to regulate the holidays during Queen Victoria's times, and presently, the bank holidays run: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day, the last Monday in May and August, and Christmas and Boxing Days.

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There are 9 Bank Holidays in Britain, but I think there are more on continental Europe.:) That is what we are always told by people who think we don't have enough compulsory holdiays.


My favourite places close over the holidays. I don't know what I will do for the summer, though this is no help to you, Rubberlegs.;)

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Well we did have a ballet class this evening and it was most enjoyable.


I should explain that the school I go to is closed to day students during the holidays but adult classes take place in the evening and some during the day.


It sounds like 'Kate B' is in the same boat has me re-summer classes ?.Although last year we did have some classes during the main summer holidays (fingers crossed for this coming summer holiday).

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