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Summer plans?

Jaana Heino

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So, what are everybody's ballet plans for the summer?


I'm going to take at least three classes a week, one of them beginner 2 level, one on intermediate 1, and one class common for both levels; and a fourth class on either beginner 2 or intermediate 1 on most weeks. In the end of July / beginning of August I'll be at the Finnish dance camp for eight days, too. :D


During the summer, I'll probably be absent for no longer than a week because of holidays, cause my mate has just started in a new job and can't have a longer vacation. :) :) But then in the end of August there will be a two weeks break because of an advanced English language course. :rolleyes:

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I'm going to do two classes a week most of the time this summer (Beginner2/beginner3). I am also going to try out jazz! I have signed up for a intensive class, so I will have jazz every day for two weeks. Hopefully I will also have the chance to have more ballet classes ...If I can afford it.;)

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As many classes as possible. :-)


Usually the place where I go has one class that's appropriate for me each day Monday-Sat. But in summer there is no Friday evening class. That's the bad news. The good news is that there are a lot of workshops, so, time permitting, I may do workshop + class occasionally. Otherwise my goal will be to average 4 classes/week.


There is a 2-week break at the end of the summer :-( but I will be in Anaheim CA for one week of that and may try to take classes out there somewhere.


--koshka, stewing because today is a holiday and I am being deprived of my weekly mini-pointe class.

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I plan to take 5 classes on most weeks :) , attend an intensive ballet course in June :rolleyes: and the Finnish dance camp in July-August. :D


I'll have three Intermediate 1 and two Beginner 2 classes weekly. My main goals are to solidify my control of my placement and improve turnout in the supporting leg. I'll also try to improve my sense of wheter I am balanced and on my leg by letting go of the barre more frequently.


I have also decided that this summer is a good time to try to start doing regular abdominal exercise program and finally develop a habit of stretching. :) I'm going to schedule half an hour in my calendar after class two times a week, and hope that three months is long enough to make the habit stick during winter!



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I'm going to be taking a Character class this summer - something I've never done before, and then completely out of "character" for me - I'm also taking a Hip-Hop class in addition to my 2 technique classes per week. I wish I had time for more!!

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the first half of the summer I'll be going to my home studio taking about 5-6 classes a week while taking summer academic classes at school and the second half I'm going to Ailey Summer Intensive :D

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My school continues with one class a week, actually what I usually take there and the place where I take open classes has all kinds during the entire summer, so I'll just go when I want to dance :-)

Oh, and just ordered a Pilates and a yoga book with exercise, going to try some of that, and I'm going to get a theraband ;-)

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I must be tired, skipping words and letters here and there....

It's lovely weather in the Netherlands and I went to the beach today, so it's not too surprising I'm sleepy :-)

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Guest meira67

I'm going to have three ballet classes per week during summer, all of them Beginner 2 level. During spring I had only one class per week (I had another class of Irish dance and there weren't too many ballet lessons in my level at my school and most of them at bad hours) but now I'm going to concentrate only on ballet.


I contemplated for a moment of going also to the Sammatti dance camp, but realise I couldn't. First, it begins on the same day when I'm arriving from England (work trip, nothing to do with ballet ;) ). Secondly, I'm not in very good shape, and six hours of dance per day could be too much for me. Especially Irish dance that people are supposed to do in the camp, is a problem - during spring I have had a recurring stress injury in my foot, which is clearly caused by Irish dance, and if I get injured having one lesson of Irish dance per week, who knows what will happen if I have one or two lesson per _day_. So, I'm not going there, not this year anyway. But I've been thinking that maybe next year...



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Next year... I have huge plans for next year ;)

Richmond, Finland... that will be dry bread and water for the coming year... might actually help me get the "ballerina-look", it will work both ways!! ;) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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Guest meira67

Oh, now I remembered: part of my "get great dancer during summer" program :rolleyes: was that I (me too!) ordered a theraband today, with the book Dancer's Dozen. I hope it will help me to get stronger feet and ankles.


(Ankles are my weak spot, I injured my right ankle ligaments two years ago, and since then my right ankle has been weaker than the left one.)



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I’m a bit afraid to post what I will do this summer as I have read how many ballet classes all of you ballet freaks are going to take!!! :P


Ok, after my graduation (yes, I passed all my A-level exams!), I’m going to fly to America for about 3 weeks where I’m going to visit some of my relatives. I hope to be able to take ballet classes there (maybe I’ll meet 2 left feet there?!), but I’ll definately do some sightseeing and I also try to get a tan! :cool:


After that, I’m going to work in a cafe to earn some money and in the evenings, I’m definately going to take ballet classes. I will then move into another town far away from home (the first time ever) :rolleyes: and try to get to know the university and in which buildings my lectures will take place. :eek:


Well, after that, it will be October 1st, which means that my extended summer holidays will be over and that I’ll have to work for another 4 ½ years to earn my university degree. :D


I hope that it will all turn out the way I imagined it to be!!!


Ok, I’m a bit confused right now. Geez, it’s already 2:29 a.m., I think that I should get some sleep! :P


Bye bye,

Svenia :rolleyes:

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Hopefully the ballet school I attend will continue adult classes in the evening when the school is closed for the summer holidays.


I am always on the look out for more adult classes !.

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Guest mic31

I'm going to keep up 6-7 classes per week. My teacher will be gone for 2 weeks so I've arranged to rent the studio so that I can keep practicing

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