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It's harder for the male dancer ;) But seriously, it's lots of fun and not hard at all as long you are strong on pointe and have a good center. Also helps a lot not to be afraid of it! The main thing you have to do is hold yourself up, not just depend on him to do it. He can keep you there if you get there and are centered and don't let things drop once you are there. Keep the energy going and feel like you are lifting up out of his hands, not pushing down into them, the same as for all pointe work!

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The hardest thing you'll probably find to start is establishing your own balance and then holding it. Your partner will probably need to get used to where your balance is, then put you there after you've gone off-balance for whatever reason. So don't wiggle to get there. You'll find lifts are pretty easy, as long as you continue to jump and not just collapse when you "hit the air" and depend on your partner to get you the rest of the way. Beginners rarely get tasked with doing dead- or press-lifts - they're pretty sophisticated and you need to be very strong and well-practiced in order to make them look as effortless as possible.

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The main thing I always try to ask myself when I'm partnering is could I hold myself up if the guy weren't there? Its easy especially for a beginner to just think, oh, he can hold me up, I don't have to pull up or be on balance. Its soooo much easier for him if you are on your leg!

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