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Summer camp in Finland

Jaana Heino

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If anyone's interested, I am under the impression (just communicated on another matter with the office, and asked about the situation of the camp) that even though the registration deadline for the Finnish camp is strictly speaking over already, there might be places available at least on some levels.


This information has been posted before, if I remember correctly, but just to review... The dates are 26th July to 3rd August, the place is about 75km from Helsinki. The camp costs 310 euros, which includes accomodation (two person rooms in small "apartments" having small kitchen, fridge, etc), breakfast, light lunch and dinner daily, and all tuition.


Levels in ballet are beginners, intermediate 1, and intermediate 2-3; as a reference intermediate 1 is usually the level at which people begin pointe. There will also be Irish dancing and stretching classes, plus repertoire with a performance in the end of the camp (at least for the highest levels). They promise 4-6 hours of class daily, one afternoon free; I know that last year some people had more.


The intermediate ballet classes are taught by Ms. Jane Spackman, who teaches in English, so language shouldn't be a problem for anyone on this board.


More information by phone from Anita Remitz, +358 50 336 2208, or I suppose you also can email the office of the school (hto@helsingintanssiopisto.fi). Registrations to the office, anyway. :)


Info in Finnish language can be found here (scroll down, the first ad is for the children's camp).


This advertisement is now over. :)

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Sounds very interesting... and cheap too! Are you going there? If so, have you been there before? And if you have been there before, what is it like?


I already planned a trip to Scotland during that time :-(

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I'm going, but this is my first time. Päivi Savola (psavola) who posts here too, was there last year, though, maybe she can tell something about it.


Once I get there, I'll post from the camp if possible, and anyway after it. :)

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If didn't already have the trip to Scotland planned I would have definitely seriously been looking into going... Next year than, I guess...

I'm really interested in knowing more about it...

Psavola, can you give some info on it?

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