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Center Splits

Guest lilm8mcookie

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Guest lilm8mcookie

hey Im pretty flexible I have both my right and left splits down have for atleast 2 years but I can't seem to get my center split down. Also alot of times my hips pop when I come out of the center split and it hurts. Making stretching in a center split almost dreadful I don't look forward to it. Any suggestions?:confused:

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Welcome lilm8mcookie to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:D


This is an old answer that many of our veteran posters will recognize, it's called the "Doctor Krankheit" answer, so all of the rest of you hold your ears because you've heard it before:


Dr: Ya say it hoits vhen ya doo dat?


Patient: Yes!


Dr: Den don't doo dat!


If your rotation from the hip is not 180º, or darn close to it, a center split will not be possible or useful to you, especially if coming out of it causes pain! If you want to modify it a bit, go as far down as you can, and then just settle back, letting each leg go a little forward of straight to the side. Center splits are good for flexibility but without strength to make the flexibility work without the assistance of gravity, then they're pretty much useless. Every time you do a center split over the next few months (note: MONTHS, not days, weeks, or classes) keep inching the torso and hips a bit more forward over time, and you'll get the maximum stretch you can without hurting yourself. If you feel (pop - OUCH!) anywhere along the line, you've gone too far, too fast. Stop immediately.

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