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Late starter??

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

Hi. I know that there isn't really a "age" to begin pointe because there is a lot of criteria that a student must have. But from what I've seen at ballet schools, the students start at about 11 or 12. Would starting later than this be considered a late starter on pointe, if the person is wanting to pursue a professional career?


I've just been wondering...

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Cathy, I moved this here because it's really a technical question, not a pointe SHOE question.


There is no way to answer your question because starting later than 11 or 12 is not necessarily a major problem. But, it depends a lot on how much older than that, as well as on how much ability one has and what kind of training one is receiving. I have had students start pointe at 13 or 14 and still dance professionally, if that helps at all. I don't know how old you are.

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Guest ballet princess

I'm 14 years old and started pointe a little less than a year ago.


Thanks for the reply, sorry i posted it in the wrong forum.

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You should have no problem simply from the age-to-pointe question, then. The rest of it is a matter of how good the training you receive is, and your own facility for ballet, as Ms. Leigh said.

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I started pointe at 14, and after converting to the amazing school I am at now, I get perfect training and have come sooo far, and can do lots on pointe. Don't worry!

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