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Guest aeangel008

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Guest aeangel008

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this school? I was thinking about going to their summer camp and maybe taking classes with them next year! so if anybody knows about this school please share. From the website they look like a really professional school.

Thanks, Joelle



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Guest rachael

Hi, Joelle.

AAB doesn't really have a "summer camp" per se - during July, most of the advanced class is gone to intensives elsewhere, so there isn't much at the studio. (I've never been home to take classes at the studio in the summer.) But there is a weeklong workshop in August that is always very good. It's only 5 days but there are usually some great guest teachers - this year I know for sure Yuris Kapralis (sp?) is coming from the national ballet school in Latvia, as well as a few other guests (I think Joseph Cipolla and Catherine Batcheller, formerly of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, are coming, but don't quote me on that :)). In addition, the permanent faculty is excellent, as you can see from the website.

Just a note - if you're coming from Rochester or something, there's no housing, as AAB is a local studio. You may want to take that into consideration. Also, call soon if you're interested, as I've been told that the workshop is almost full already.


PS: I'm not technically allowed to post on this forum, so I understand if this message is deleted, but I tried to do that private email thingy and can't. Sorry! :D

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