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This may sound very stupid but what's an RAD exam and all these levels and waiting for your mark and stuff? Im not familar with any of that. I take strict vaganova and ive done balanchine so we don't take those exams. I also live in the US and I dont think those are very common here? Thanks! :)

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The Royal Academy of Dance curriculum is taught by many schools in the United States, and worldwide. Each level has a syllabus of technical and other information as well as danced and spoken vocabulary. They run through levels Pre-Primary (about 6 years old), Primary, and grades 1-5 in Lower Grades. Free movement as well as preset steps and combinations in ballet and character are taught and practiced. At the end of grade 5, the student may track either recreationally and continue with Higher Grades 6-8 or may track vocationally from Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2 and go on to preset dances called Solo Seal examinations. The student may take both tracks, and many do. Each level is examined from outside the school by an impartial examiner, and the results sent up to London for recording and review of all RAD examinations worldwide, so not only the students, but the teachers and the examiners are carefully scrutinized and standardized, as much as possible. It's a fine method, and has produced some outstanding dancers. But, as with all methods, it aims for the same things that every other method does: The production of capable, strong, artistically sensible dancers without mannerisms or affectation.

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