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Dancers, when asking about a person, especially a rather well known one, please at least get the name right, and use proper case for the name! I changed the title of this thread to reflect the correct name, however I am not answering the question as I have no information about him as a teacher.

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I know, I just realized my mistake when i went to check the response of the post. Must have been a typo oops!


p.s.-do i get buddy board now that ive posted 30 messages?

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Yes, you are now on the Buddy Board :)

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Guest live2dance88

I had him for a teacher last summer at ABT-Austin. he also taught the acting classes and knew quite a lot about theatre. As a ballet teacher he was really good too. He's the one who helped me to really improve on my turns and I was able to start hitting my triples consistantly. I'm sure you'll really enjoy having class with him!! good luck!!


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I usually post on the other young dancers forum but I hope it's okay for me to post here right now!!! I have taken classes with George before so hopefully I can help you out! His classes aren't like typical ballet classes because he tries to get students to work a different way. You spend a lot of time at the barre doing a combination and then repeating it with your hands off the barre and he also does his barre in sort of a different order. Some of the combinations seem a little modern oriented but you can use what he says to apply to your more classical classes. He really encourages everyone to breathe and loosen up and he is a great energetic guy so the class is always fun. I don't think he would be a good teacher to train with exclusivly just because his class is so different but he is a good teacher with a lot to offer so I think you should give his class a try! He's really nice so don't be afraid!! :)

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