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Good studios in Metro DC

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Anyone have suggestions about good studios in the DC area? I may be taking a job down there and would like to scope out studios before I rent something. If any DC'ers have any ideas about the best place to live in relation to several good studios, the better.

My position will be virtual, so I can live anywhere in the area.



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DC, unfortunately, is not crawling with dance studios, good, bad or indifferent. Real estate is too expensive!


Two schools that I know of are the Washington School of Ballet, which has adult classes -- it's not in downtown DC, but in upper northwest. And also the American Dance Institute in Rockville, Maryland. Here's a link to its website: http://americandance.org

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Arlington Center for Dance has lots of adult classes, several of which I take. There is lots of info at the website, www.arldance.org.


Arlington is just west of DC.

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Maryland Youth Ballet, in Bethesda, has a lot of adult classes. They are located very close to the Metro, so if you live in DC it is not hard to get there. Washington Ballet has 4 morning classes for upper Int./Adv., and 4 evening classes for Beginning to Int., depending on the night.

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I have a couple of friends who like Joy of Motion, they have several studios in northwest DC and also a nearby suburb, Bethesda. I take a class at the Washington School of Ballet and it's terrific -- good teacher, serious group of regular students, a pianist, etc.


As far as where to live, it depends on what you're looking for of course, but I would recommend you consider somewhere near a Metro station. Parking can be expensive or hard to find in some areas. It goes just about everywhere with the big exception of Georgetown.


Good luck with the move, let me know if there's anything else you want to know!

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Guest karenfixe

Before I moved to S. California, I lived in Bethesda, MD and attended classes at Maryland Youth Ballet. The teachers for the adult classes are fantastic - especially Rhodie Jorgenson. She really pushes you and teaches beginner pointe as well.


The studios all have Marly flooring, sturdy barres, and pianos. Whenever I travel back east, I always make sure to take my gear to catch a class or two. I've met many famous dancers as well in the Intermediate/Adv Intemediate classes. It's amazing and inspiring to watch these people that make a living out of our hobby do the same steps with such grace and flare. The best part of getting to dance with them is the fact that I had not met one stuck-up person! Rasta Thomas and Adrienne Canterna are two of the most talented and sweetest people I've ever met.


Let me know (or the board) if you have any questions.



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Just as I'm looking for classes in NYC this summer, I'll also be around DC for a few weeks and would like to go to some by-the-class preferably *in* DC itself or near a metro station! Again, will check out the schools mentioned above, but if anyone has suggestions or specific experiences, please do let me know!




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Maryland Youth Ballet and Arlington Center for Dance are both within 2 blocks of a metro station (Bethesda on the red line for MYB and Virginia Square on the orange line for ACD). I believe that Washington School of Ballet is also near a metro station, but don't know the details.

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Guest newchickDC

Joy of Motion has 3 sites, all on the red line of the metro. One is in the heart of the city at Dupont Circle. I like the Sunday classes with Miya Hisaki.


Washington School of Ballet is fantastic, but not on the subway line. There are buses, take the bus that runs up and down Wisconsin Ave. You could call and they could tell you how to get there from downtown.


Arlington Center for Dance is a few blocks from Metro.


I'm trying Kintz-Mejia Academy of Ballet tonight for the first time. They have a very adult-friendly approach and teach Vaganova.


Haven't tried any of the MD studios before. Good luck!

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Stephen's evening classes at WSB are awesome! You should definately try them if you can. You can see the schedule on their website.


JOM isn't a ballet studio like the others mentioned. Jazz and modern is more of their thing. That being said, there are some good teachers that might be worth taking. I really like this new guy who is taking over Galeet's Sunday class at FH. www.joyofmotion.org


MYB & ACD have excellent reputations and tons of adult classes. If you are looking for a lot of classes, these are definately the studios to check out. www.arldance.com and www.marylandyouthballet.org


newchickDC-I'm going to try the Kintz-Meji school on friday I believe. I heard about it through this board and it looks great, plus its right by my office. Let me know what you think!

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Guest Vashti

newchickDC, I just read you are going to Kientz-Mejia Academy. I love Kintz-Mejia

Academy. I live in California and take classes at the Academy when I am in the

DC area. It is a great school and they are excellent teachers. You will really improve

in your Ballet if you keep going. I am going to their Ballet Camp. Hope you will

be able to attend. I am really looking forward to it. They also have the Falls Church

School of Ballet .



Hope to see you there,



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I'm considering taking some classes at Washington Ballet during the next 2 weeks.


Does anybody know who teaches the open classes, and what the levels "Advanced Beginning" and "Intermediate" are like, especially relative to the classes with the same names at Maryland Youth Ballet?

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Hi Koshka-


I take classes at Washington Ballet and you should definately try it, I really like the classes there. I don't know who teaches the advanced classes in the mornings. I'm not sure, but I think they might be on a break right now anyways. Stephen Baranovics teaches all the evening classes, i believe. I've never taken the beginner class though. His wife, Linda taught the saturday morning class when I took it.


As for the level, I've never actually taken a class at MYB so I'm not sure how to guide you on the levels. I will comment that WSB has much more 'mixed level' classes than some other places I have taken. THat may be because they offer less classes than say MYB or ADC. I've taken the adv beg and intermediate classes and there are some dancers who are truly beginners (and they just do what they can) and then there are others who are really, really good. The int class is, as you would expect, a bit harder technique wise than the adv beginner class. But seriously you just come and try them because I think they're great classes.

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The morning classes (not in session right now) are upper Int. to Adv. classes, and are taught by Rudolph Kharatian.

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Thanks for the info. Alas, I have this 9-to-5 job thing that keeps me from daytime classes.


I went last night to Adv. Beg., which was a little slow for me, but I'm looking forward to going back just to be in that gorgeous room (the big studio) again.

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