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Pirouettes on Pointe!!!!!

Guest delightfuldancer16

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Guest delightfuldancer16

I am having trouble doing pirouettes on pointe. I think once I have accomplished a really sloppy double, and if I did it was really rare. And even my single looks bad. On demi-pointe I can to a double, and have accomplished a triple a couple of times, but I just can't seem to get it on pointe. Any suggestions would be great!!!

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This is a technique question, not a shoe question, so I moved it over here, delightfuldancer :)


Pirouettes on pointe are actually easier than on demi pointe, IF you have the placement and strength and rotation and the ability to get up on a solid retiré relevé. A single pirouette on pointe is really just a relevé around the corner ;) Seriously. And a double just takes a little bit more thrust and a good double spot. Obviously the first problem is making those solid relevés on pointe. Start there!

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