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11 year old baseball ballerina in the news


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Here's a Link for you guys: (I put it here, because I'm not sure you all check our Links thread every day)


Ballet a big part of local girl's life


If you click on the link above, you'll be taken to the whole article, but here's an excerpt:



Alysse Parrish may be the only kid in the history of local softball who executed jetés while heading toward a base.  


Mind you, not everyone in the stands understood that Alysse was utilizing one of ballet's sharp leaps.  


In fact, her coach was overheard asking, "What's she doing?"  


That's OK, says Alysse, 11, who quickly adds "I got a home run!"  


Her mom, Diane Parrish, said ballet is so much a part of Alysse's life that "she's always doing ballet moves. She'll just be talking to you, and you notice that she's doing moves." Diane said they come so naturally to her daughter that "She doesn't even realize she's doing it."

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That's wonderful! It reminded me of gym class at my old school, where twice a year we all had to run a mile. I hate running and I know how bad it is for dancers, so I was always trying to skip a mile, jete a mile, gallop a mile, anything but run. My gym teacher said I couldn't and she made me run:mad:

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wow thhat story pract. describes me

my mom always says i dance infront of everyone even walking down the street ill be danicng andn ot even knowing it it just comes out. I have to dance.

ill also be dancing in front of my friends and hten theyll be all like what was htat thing u just did haha

ok wel bye guys and girls

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Guest Firebird3000

That describes me! In gym class i'm always going some kind of enchainement or something. When we did hurdles for track and field I was one of the best because of my grand jete! Everyone was like "all you need now is to have some pretty arms and you'll look like a ballerina"

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