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Summer dance in Nova Scotia


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Ms. Leigh (sorry if i spelt that wrong), I was wondering if you knew of any summer dance camps in Nova Scotia? I'm planning on taking the RAD pre-elementary exam in the fall and would like to take some classes in the summer that are focused towards that syllabus or the elementary syllabus.

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Liliflower, I'm sorry, but I really have no knowledge at all about schools in Nova Scotia. However, Major Johnson does know about RAD and perhaps he can come up with a school in that area. Most of the major SI programs are not RAD specific, so I think you would have to find an RAD school which runs their own summer program to receive the training you are looking for.

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Lili, I have no specific recommendations regarding schools in Nova Scotia, as I've never been there to dance. Visit kid, yes, dance, no. I am aware, however, of an umbrella organization for dance in Nova Scotia called DANS (Dance Nova Scotia)


DANS webpage


Give that a try. They list several RAD schools. Maybe you could call them up and find out what's happening there this summer?

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