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At my school, we were always taught that Sissonne meant scissors step. It made sense(not speaking any other french), so I never questioned it. Now, recently, I was skimming Gail Grant and is says that Sissonne is named for the originator of the step. I'm assuming Gail Grant is correct, but I'm wondering where along the line scissors might have come into it, and whether anyone else has ever heard it called scissors step.


I also have a question about eyeliner, and I was wondering where the appropriate place to ask was. Should I stay on this board, or try the pro shop? It's just a matter of me having an amazing amount of trouble and trying to get some pointers.


Thanks on both of these topics,


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Nope, sissonne is not about scissors ;) Gail Grant is correct, as usual! The action of a sissonne is really not like scissors, since, even though the jump starts equally from both feet, it lands on one. The term for scissor is ciseaux, as in temps de ciseaux. That step also ends on one leg, but the action is more "scissor like".


I think the place for the best answers to make up questions would be the Pro Shop. B)

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I knew Gail Grant was right...I don't know that anyone but my teacher can answer this, but I'm still curious as to why we were always taught "scissors" I'll ask her next time I see her and find out!




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It's because the terms are near homonyms. Ciseaux is pronounced Si-ZOH, while sissone is pronounced Siss- Onh.

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