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london, ENB, sadlers wells, coppelia, 12 July

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

Any of the UK people fancy it? I'm going to go as a graduation present to myself, and wondered if anyone wanted to come with me! I'll probably go for the cheap seats at £13.

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I would like to see this ballet but unfortunately I am away hiking that weekend.


I have thought about posting a similar note has Beckster's myself.I sometimes go to watch a ballet in Nottingham on my own and wondered if others would like to go as a group maybe.It would certainly be far better than going by myself.I hope more UK members would consider something like this in the future.


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Memememememe! I didn't even know it was on! When are you buying tickets?

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I'd come, but I've got a wedding to go to that day. Typical.... :)

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I would love to come but i do not know what i am working. My roster comes out on the 20 June so as soon as i know i will be in touch.


Personal note to Beckster, sorry guys. Sorry i have not been in touch recently BA are working me to the ground roll on my A/L i need a break - ooh this is for Xena too. Hope you are both okay.


Skippy :)

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Only just picked this up cos been away on OU resi-course - Beckster have you booked already or can you hold off for a couple of day, I just need to check with him indoors!

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