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Guest Medora

Hi everyone. Saturday night after our warmup, I was doing some steps and I hurt my knee. I was doing releve second, cut over and step into an endehor fouette turn (I'm sure there is better terminology for that so I hope you understand my description) and in the fondue of the cut over I rolled my knee in on accident and hurt it. I'm mad at myself too, because I was being careless and I know better than to roll in like that! :rolleyes: Sunday morning I could barely move it. Today I can move it better, but it is swollen. I know you're probably going to say go to the doctor, but do you have any idea what I might have done to it? Will it be alright soon? What should I do to it? I know I have a history of problems with my joints but not in a few years so I hope it doesn't flare up (Ms. Leigh knows what I'm talking about but I don't want to go into it here). Anyway, is there a chance I just torked it? Something common I hope? Thanks!

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Medora, it does sound more like you might have just twisted it, but really no way to know. If it does not go down after a couple of days of rest, ice, compression and elevation, along with anti-inflammatory medication, then I would say of course you have to go to the doctor. But it does sound like a twisting type injury, or sprain or strain, as opposed to any other type of inflammatory problem.

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"Just torquing" a knee joint can be bad enough. The joint doesn't turn that way. Ice now, do not wait. Get some compression on it, like with an elastic bandage, put it up and rest it! Then, if it doesn't come around in 72 hours, go to the doc, right away.

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Guest Medora

I've been icing it and keeping it wrapped, and it is feeling a little better, although still somewhat swollen. I don't think it's arthritis because if it were then ballet would make it feel better, and class seems to strain it. Also, being up and about and moving would make it feel better and it would get stiffer the more I stay off it, but the less I am on it, the better it feels. So, I think there is a good chance it's an injury and not a condition. I know, you are probably going to say stay home from class :eek: , heaven forbid! I've been going, but I haven't been doing any jumps, not even petit allegro. And I've been being extra careful about my hyperextension and not pushing back or doing any stretches that can cause me to hyperextend. I think it's coming around, but slowly. It feels better today that it has all this week, but it's still a little swollen, and it's coming around really slowly.

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