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Universities in England with dance

Guest Angel2Be

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Guest Angel2Be

I am an American, but I am wondering what universities in the UK (London area) have decent ballet programs, if any? Does anybody have any idea how to get this information? Thanks. :rolleyes:

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Guest Clare

I'm a mum not a young dancer so please delete this if it is not appropriate.


A good place to start looking would be www.ucas.co.uk which is the university admissions site and then click on "course search" at the top. There seem to be 390 dance courses but I didn't pursue it any further.



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Guest beckster

I'm not a young dancer so moderators, please feel free to edit or delete as appropriate. Being a UK-based adult dancer and working in a university, I thought I could help with this question.


Firstly, note that university courses in the UK work differently to those in the US. We choose one subject (rather like a "major" although it's not called that) or at the most two, and the majority of our teaching will be related to that. There is no requirement to take courses in maths, english, etc, and in fact it would be considered a bit wierd to do english courses if you were doing a science degree. I guess for this reason, ballet degrees at university are rare. Ballet teaching or performing arts (dance) degrees are much more common.


However, there are a number of dance schools and colleges which offer courses which are affiliated to universities and can lead to a BA or a diploma. Here is a link to a list of some London courses:




London isn't the only city for dance training in Britain, although the performing arts opportunities there are very good. I imagine that other large British cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester, or Birmingham, would have large dance colleges which offer similar courses. Do look around. London is a great city but there are many other places in Britain which are great to live in too!


N.B. "Universities" teach degree-level work to over 18s. "Colleges" teach from 16 upwards and their courses are more varied, some are more vocational, and not all lead to a degree.

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Guest grace

hope this info from a NON-young dancer is acceptable:


angel2be - in terms of BALLET TRAINING - the answer is NONE.


don't waste your time looking IF you are talking about TRAINING in ballet AS A PERFORMANCE ART - i.e. with the aim of preparing you for a ballet career.


see beckster's post for some of the reasons why.


however, APART from that, if you are just interested in including ballet and related subjects as part of a degree, then you should look at:


University of Durham - go thru the RAD site to find their dance programs, that's www.rad.org.uk


then the University of Surrey (particularly for higher/research degrees)


then Roehampton - maybe that's an arm of the U of Surrey? (beckster: please can you address this Q?)


then goldsmith's college, which is the laban centre (therefore based on contemporary dance)


then the University of Kent for the program they run in conjunction with LCDT (also contemporary).


hope that helps. :)

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Guest Angel2Be

Thank you for all the information! It's so valuable to me.


If you're wondering why I asked, I would like to take a year abroad during college, either in England or Spain... and just wanted an early look at my dance options there. I'm not persuing ballet professionally.


So, yes, this helps me out a lot. I'll now have to think about it quite a bit before the time comes.

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