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Working at Home-Good or Bad?


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All right. This is mainly addressed to Ms. Leigh, but also to anyone else who has any sort of answer.



Would you think it good or bad for a student to be putting in a lot of practice at their home? I am talking about basically simple barrework, allegro and adagio-not anything really strenuous, and not pointework (the room I do it in is somewhat marginal for ballet, but not bad-pointework would NOT be a good idea, however!). I'm trying to practice as much as possible because I'm trying to change to a better studio, and I figure that extra practice can't hurt, but I read somewhere that teachers don't like their students to work at home, but I'm confused about that. Can anyone help me here? I am SO confused.



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Hello Marenetha, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


Practice at home depends a lot on a couple of very important things. One would be that you totally understand exactly what you are working on and HOW to work on it. The other would be the space and floor you are working on. If you are advanced enough to know what you are doing, and how to work correctly, then fine. And if the space and floor is okay to do what you need to do, then also fine. However, if you are a beginning or lower intermediate student, it's probably not advisable, except for stretching. Barre work is one thing, but allegro is totally another thing in terms of the floor you are working on at home. If it is not suitable for pointe work, then I doubt that it would be suitable for allegro either. Stay with floor stretching and barre work.

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