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A balance brag

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I just came back from class today and I did awesomely well! :rolleyes:


The thing I really want to brag about is, that I did petits battements on demi-pointe, with perfect balance and stability to both sides. I did not touch the barre even once. :cool: And, I tried them again when I came home, and I can still do it - just like that. Rise up with the working foot in sur le cou-de-pied, and then just battement away. :D :D


(Everything else went just as unbeliavably - I just balanced and balanced and balanced - I did not really much touch the barre during barre, and my center - especially pirouettes - felt awesome. I would just turn and turn and forget to come back down. :eek: :D :cool: The only things that saved the pirouettes from being perfect were that firstly, my left ankle sickled a little when it was the working foot, and secondly, as stupid as it sounds, rotating up there was so much fun that I indeed really forgot to come back down and consequently some of the pirouettes ended in funny directions. :) I definitely know now why great turners like turning so much! :D )


I hope every class was like this! :D



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I've been watching you in class. You really have something to brag about; your progress during the last year or so is just awesome - inspiring, even. I just wish my first year in intermediate 1 will be as beneficial as yours has been...:)

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Congratulations! Very impressive! I can only hope that at least once before I put away my shoes I will do so many turns that I miss the rest of the combination! And petits battements on demi-pointe without the barre! Fabulous!

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Guest *Lili*

Congratulations Päivi! You must be really proud! :rolleyes: No such thing ever happened to me (great balance and turns)... oh well not yet! In a few years if I keep working hard.. ;) That's great.. it seems like your dedication in class really pay off! I wish many more successes for you. :)

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Thank you, everybody. :) I hope you'll get lots of good days too.


The first thing today I tried petit battement balance again, but it did not work - I was off balance after about two battements. I guess I'll probably have to wait another 2,5 years for another day like that. :rolleyes: (But the experience was very encouraging. I'm full of ballet energy now, and resolved to continue working hard.)


I hope today's class will not be too much of a letdown. :)



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