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I am really confused. I don't know if I'm doing wonderfully, or horribly, or whatever! My ballet teacher is always watching me. She's a pretty critical person, but she doesn't usually correct me, or compliment me, either! I can't tell if I'm doing wonderfully or horribly, because usually all she'll say is that I'm a little off time or something, but all of the girls say that she is ALWAYS watching me, and the moms who watch verify it. What does that mean?

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Usually, it means that you're doing well, and you're not an affront to your teacher's eyesight.:) OK, sometimes there have been students where I have been looking on in horror, transfixed by the awful sight, but you can usually tell that, eyes narrow, back hair goes up, eyes open wide, then cross, jaw drops, things like that. Just think how you'd feel if the teacher came in wearing sunglasses and wore them all through the class!!!:eek:

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