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Guest *Lili*

No... so I couldn't tell.. However I bought from www.discountdance.com , and also from www.allaboutdance.com. I like their variety of dance clothes and shoes, and their prices are also reasonable. And, orders don't take weeks to get home (I'm in Canada). At discountdance, I found the delivery is a little more expensive, and international customers have to send a signature by mail or fax to approve shipping charges. But, it is my favorite online dance shop so far (mostly because they have about everything in stock)!


Did you buy from other online catalogs? If so, how did you like the service, price, shipping charges?

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I bought from dancewear.com 6 weeks ago, they processed and shipped my order on the same day I placed it... so far so good... but my package hasn't arrived yet... It was supposed to take 7-10 days... I sent a few e-mails, and yesterday they e-mailed that they'd sent my order again.... Am I just having bad luck, or should I be getting worried? If anybody has experience with dancewear.com, did you get your stuff in time?


I'm pretty sure it's just my bad luck, and they've been really nice... but it still naggs... and I want my leotards!!;)


Dancewear.com doesn't have as much, but I like the fact that they tell you right away how much the shipping will cost... (I don't like surprises that involve money ;) )


Oh well... I guess I'll be waiting for another while...:)

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Guest *Lili*

Garnet, sure you can ask.. When I bought from discount dance, I did pay custom fees : last time it was about 5$ (CAD) for a pretty big order (a few leotards, thights, slippers, skirts), and something called a "ROD FEE" (I'm not quite sure what it is) that was 7$ (CAD). But, here in Québec we also have to pay taxes for items that come from US, so I also paid TPS and TVQ (about 15%). But we always pay taxes in Québec anyways.


So, when I order from discount dance, I always assume there will be about 10 - 15$ off custom fees, plus taxes (15% of my order). But this is certainly different in other countries. Hope this helped!

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I've had excellent results with discountdance.com. I've also ordered with success from adadance.com. I WOULD NOT recommend Danny's Warehouse or Southern Dance Supply.

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I highly recommend Discount Dance Supply. We purchase from there all the time. I have purchased everything from t-shirts to pointe shoes. (leo's, accessories, pants, pads etc...) We have had excellant service. My daughter dances in Bloche Synergie 3/4 shank and they carry them for a very reasonable cost. No stores around us carry the 3/4 shank and I got tired of her cutting her shoe apart right after we bought them. ;) Their prices are great too. Their leotards are a good $20 cheaper than the stores in our area. (even with shipping included). And they have the biggest selection! :)

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luna ~ i had been looking to order from dannys warehouse but was hoping to find other peoples opinions on them ... what did you not like about them? thank you

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Guest musicboxdancer

I have found Discount Dance to be very good. They have a good selection and I have literally received shipments 2 days after submitting an online order. One thing I would recommend is checking your shoe size either in a retail store before ordering or on the actual brand web page (for example, go to the sansha web page to look at sizing charts) because I have noticed some sizing discrepencies.

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Guest Hilarie
luna ~ i had been looking to order from dannys warehouse but was hoping to find other peoples opinions on them ... what did you not like about them?  thank you

Okay, I know this is kind of an old thread, but I agree that buying from Danny's Warehouse is probably not the best idea. First of all, I have to give the place some credit - I've ordered from them twice, and the quality of the merchandise is generally high. I've gotten two Bloch camisole leos that are in perfect condition with the Bloch tags still on them for $10 each. I also got a couple of pairs of really nice tights... one pair ran the first time I wore them, but I think I just yanked too hard while putting them on. :D They also ship pretty fast; I placed an order on a Thursday and got it that Saturday.


Now for the not-so-good part. You don't always get what you ask for. I ordered a leotard in size Petite and got a Small (although the Small ended up fitting fine, so I kept it). I ordered black footless tights in size Small and got black stirrup tights in Large/XLarge. The "brand new packaged" footed tights I ordered were Body Wrappers tights with the care tag cut out of the back, in Leo's packaging. <_< I wouldn't mind this if they emailed you before they sent out your order to say "Hey, we're all out of blah, but we can give you this instead if you want it", but they just send it out with whatever they have. And it certainly doesn't seem worth it to pay for postage to return a $3 pair of tights, and they don't give refunds.


Bottom line: if you live in the Los Angeles area and can go to Danny's Warehouse and pick what you want yourself, you're probably fine buying from there. Buying on the Internet though, I don't trust it. I'll be buying at Discount Dance from now on... it's more expensive, but I imagine you get what you ask for.

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Guest DancerLegs

I would have to agree with Hilarie about Danny's Warehouse. I have ordered from him a couple times. Once I got what I ordered, but the quality wasn't great. The next time I got totally different colors and sizes than I had ordered. There are no refunds, and the repacking and return charges would have been a pain, so I kept the items. They were usable, but they were not what I wanted. I would go to the store if I lived nearby, but I won't order from there again. I would recommend Discount Dance Supply though. I have always been pleased with their service and policies.

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Okay, so my package from Dancewear.com finally arrived!

I think they forgot to put the country in the address the first time they sent it, so the postoffice didn't know where to send it too and they sent it back to dancewear.com... the second time around I mentioned clearly stating the country, and it got here in exactly a week! :D

They sent everything I asked (and paid) for in the right sizes and colours.. so they did nicely after all :)

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