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Guest *Lili*

Hey Sylphide!


I hope you will see this post soon! I received my welcome packet for ADC by e-mail, and since I wanted to have several options when buying my plane tickets, I couldn't wait no longer, so I bought my tickets today. Everything had to fit : Bus hours from my place to Montreal, planning enough time to get to the airport, getting to Richmond not too late, and the same when I come back home! :)


So, I would still love to be your travel companion, if this schedule, airline and prices work for you! :) I did several researches on the web, and I found that us airways had the best prices for what I wanted (and I travelled with us airways previously).


Here are details (sorry for posting this online!) :


I bought my tickets directly from www.usairways.com using Visa;


Depart (august 16) : 10h40 AM from Montreal (Dorval)

Arrive (august 16) : 2h54 PM at Richmond

(connection in Philadelphia)


Depart (august 24) : 7h30 AM from Richmond (I know it's early!)

Arrive (august 24) : 12h09 PM at Montreal (Dorval)

(connection in Philadelphia)


Total cost : 251.73 US (about 347$). I think prices go up a little each week..


I've decided to leave on saturday morning, because that's the only way I can take the bus and get in time in Montreal to catch my plane, and still arrive in Richmond in the afternoon (and I have to take the bus all night!!! :eek: ). And I will have some time to sleep and relax a little before camp starts.. :P


Please reply soon! You can also write to me at mdesbie22@hotmail.com


A plus! :D

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