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worst injuries

Guest iluv2dance123

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Guest iluv2dance123

Hey i wuz just wondering wut tha were tha ABSOLUTE WORST injuries all of u have had?? I have had a few....im kinda clumsy...so i fall alot, unfortunately :)

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Hello iluv2dance123, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


There are lots of different things which can happen to dancers, ranging from sprains and muscle pulls to stress fractures, cartilege tears, and ruptured tendons. Pulled hamstrings are relatively common, and a major nuisance injury, as there is very little one can do except wait a long time for it to heal. Many young dancers have knee problems, either from a growth spurt or sometimes from incorrect or overforced rotation.


However, it is not inevitable and many dancers do not suffer any serious injuries. The better the training and the schedule, in terms of numbers of hours and common sense during growth spurts, the less risk of injury.


I know you are brand new here, but I would like to ask you to please spend a bit of time reading, and get a better idea of how we do things here. For one thing, we do not speak in teenspeak or computereez, as we have members from all over the world here and many of them read and write English as a second language. We would like the Young Dancers to make every effort to type their posts in as correct and legible a manner as possible. :) Everyone makes typos or even spelling errors sometimes, but if you proof your posts, and use the edit button if you need to correct them, then it will keep these things to a minimum and make your posts much better!

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Have you had a particular injury you would like to discuss, iluv2dance? We are really here to help young dancers with questions and problems about technique, and things involved with learning ballet :) Later on, after you have been here a while, you will be able to join the Buddy Board, and when you get there you can do lists and other things which are kind of chat like!

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Guest Medora

I have hurt myself before, I think we all have minorly at some point! Most of my injuries have been pulled muscles from overstretching. I have pulled my hamstring, which took a very long time to heal, and I have pulled my groin muscle in my hip, which also took a long time to heal. I have an extremely flexible body and had to learn that even extreme flexibility has limits and it is possible to over do it no matter how loose you are.

The only other injury I have ever had, and the worst, happened last Saturday when I was dancing after warm up for a performance. I twisted my knee by not holding my rotation in a movement and hurt it very badly. It wasn't so bad at the time, but the next day it had become swollen and I was having a hard time moving it. But thanks to these extremely helpful moderators :) who told me what to do with it, it is almost good now! Definetly much better! :) So, I guess the moral of the story, be careful, don't over do things, and think about doing everything correctly and with rotation all the time, because I guess it's there for more reasons than just to look pretty. :D

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