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Guest Lovebird

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Guest Lovebird

Could someone tell me some information on the Elmhurst ballet school? Who are the teachers? How is the level of training when compared to the Royal or English national ballet schools? Also,how is the audition process? I am 16,so I would also like to know if it is a good school to graduate from.

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Guest Clare

Sorry - posting where I'm not supposed to again so please delete if not appropriate


There is currently a thread in the www.ballet.co.uk forums comparing these three schools under "Doing Dance". The audition process for all three is a two stage process with a preliminary audition consisting of a single class and then a final audition which is a full day. You can submit a video for the preliminary stage. Elmhurst is to be affiliated with Birmingham Royal Ballet from this September and is moving to Birmingham in 2004 so I should think graduate prospects will be good then. RBS and ENBS both have pretty good employment rates as well though only a small number go into the affiliated company each year



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