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Hubby taking classes now!


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Finally my husband has joined me in class, at least 1 day per week. I'm really pleased, he seems to enjoy it, but is frustrated with his "duck" status.


Sadly after 2 classes, he injured his lower back helping someone move a table. We will have to wait till he is better, but I'm really enjoying having him with me.

There are usually only about 4 or 5 of us, so he is getting an opportunity to get some good training. My teacher is really great at helping him understand concepts. I think a few private lessons would help him more. He needs some slower teaching.


Now if I could just get him to read Gretchen Warren Ward's book!


Anyway, so far, so good!

(plus I get an extra night of ballet class :P

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Good for him, and good for you! Remember, the family that pliés together, stays together.:P

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Guest joodiff

That's fantastic! I wish my hubby would do the same as well. He has a rather good sense for appreciating lines and musicality when he watches people dance so I think that should make him a good student!

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Sorry I've been away from posting, started a new job and I don't get any posting time any more.


Thanks for the good words, I'll let you know how it is going...


One very bright spot, we are remodeling and the discussion suddenly is including space for a barre and mirrors!


Can you believe it? I'm really stoked!:)

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