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Kate B

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Called to the barre: Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna are among those swapping Ashtanga for arabesques. Ballet can improve strength, posture and fitness - and anyone can do it, says Linda Watson-Brown



So the papers are catching on! But have people notcied more people coming to their classes to get fit? Or is there more to it than that with everyone who takes class? (I mean, the art of ballet more than just the physical aspect of it.)


Also, has anyone tried a ballet-style exercise class? Was it any good, or was it a bit soul-less?


Quite interesting, anyway.

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I think there are a lot of people coming to the beginner classes for the excercise; based on talking with people in the dressing room before and after beginner classes. Of course, to choose ballet as their excercise instead of something else, mosy already have some preference to the art. Many people say things like "I needed to start doing something physical, and I've always wanted to dance ballet..."; is that doing it for the excercise or doing it for the art? (Rhetorical question; it's both of course.)


However, I remember some people claiming that they were doing it only for the excercise, and didn't care the least bit if they advance technically or not. They seem not to be there anymore, by this end of our second year. I don't know if they have dropped off completely, or just dropped back to the beginner 1 level when the classes have started to get harder, though. :P

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I don't see any difference in the links... how come one works and the other doesn't?

Anyway, I liked the article, I printed it to bring it for my balletteacher next class...

I must say, I don't do ballet because it's "in" ;-)

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Guest mic31

That's a pretty cool article...Although I must say that the guys in my class tend to get in and stay in class ,contrary to what the writer says....Maybe we're just a really wierd group I don't know.:cool:

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To be honest, I didn't like the article much. I felt it was all about body shaping and fitness and stay-young-for-ever, and next to nothing about dance. :eek:

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A very similar article appeared in the Observer last Sunday, too - Holmes Place's PR department are obviously doing an effective job...

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Ah well I will admit it: I returned to ballet strictly as a fitness-type thing--I needed more exercise and something to offset biking, and I remembered enjoying ballet when I was younger, and had been attending 10 or more professional performances per year for quite some time.


That was how it _started_ ~ 2 years ago anyway.


Now I am addicted--as many classes per week as possible (6 is about the max).


There are quite obviously people in my classes for the exercise and no more. Haven't noticed a recent upsurge, but that is definitely one part of the "customer base".

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koshka, in my classification you would go to the "mixed motive" category: you started ballet because you needed excercise, but you started ballet because you already liked it. :)


Believe or not, there have been people in my classes who have stated that they don't like ballet, never want to see it, and find the excercises mostly boring, but are there "for the excercise" and wish the teacher would never correct them on anything. I don't claim to understand them, but this is what they have told me.

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I think most people in my classes are there because they like dancing. But I'm not sure about the beginners who come for a week or two and then never come back. I wonder what puts them off!

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