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New Members vs Full Members


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I get emailed this question almost once a day.


When you first register at the site, you're a New Member, and remain so until you've made 30 substantive posts and have been here at least 2 weeks. The point of this is that, before someone can become a full Member, with all Member privileges, we want to be sure we know who you are, and we can pretty much tell within the first 30 posts whether someone is really interested in discussing ballet, or is here for another purpose.


A New Member can reply to posts, make new topics, edit your own posts, and vote in polls.


What a full Member can do:


1. Send private messages (to those eligible to receive them).


2. View member profiles. (We don't want people to register just so they can check out member profiles and try to find out information about you.)


3. Post new polls.


4. FOR PEOPLE 13 TO 18 ONLY! Post on the Buddy Board (a secure, private forum for teens)


5. Send email messages to other full members, if the person has elected to allow this.


Only Moderators and Administrators are able to edit other people's posts and delete or move posts.


No one's email address is visible, and no one except the Administrators can view members' email addresses.


For more information about private messaging and many other issues please check The How To Do Things forum. :)

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